Leaps of faith and other mistakeS


"Almanac’s acclaimed tale of sublime human idiocy, isolationist seafarer cults,
& the absurdity of believing too hard. Breathtaking acrobatics and earnest theatricality
combine with brand new live music. What do people do when they find themselves lost at sea?"

photos by Daniel Kontz

a haunting, multi-layered soundscape of original music, composed and performed by the extraordinary Mel Hsu, reverberates through the intimate space...”
— DC Metro Theater Arts
She stands behind the action like a sea goddess,
weaving together soundscapes of chimes, cello, drums and ethereal vocals.”
— Phindie.com
[Hsu] is a one-woman sound score.”
— ThinkingDance

redbone: A biomythography by Mahogany l. browne

"Built upon Mahogany L. Browne's manuscript, REDBONE
unearths the helplessness of domestic violence,
hopefulness of love and unshakeable foundation of women."


animated by Kate Ten Eyck

i will build the house on solid ground
 i am my own

The Arsonists

A Play by Jacqueline Goldfinger
Azuka Theatre @ The Drake (2017)

Set deep in a Florida swamp, The Arsonists is a lyrical Southern Gothic myth
A father-daughter arson team deconstructing their personal demons.



Names of Women is a short film based on a true abortion story.
The Collective Sex's mission is to use this story as a platform where women can find resources, solidarity and ways to share their stories with one another. 


David thompson and the nasty star hermit band

Directed by David Thompson

The Matchmaker

Directed by Abigail Adams
People's Light Theater (2017)


Bulgarian Dance Tunes for Four Cellos

Nicole Johnson's Guest Artist Recital at Hoff-Barthelson Music School

Girls Rock Philly (Oct. 2016)
Sustaining Our Sounds: 10th Year Anniversary Gala

GOING down mt. moriah 

Directed by Emily Bate
"Going Down Mount Moriah is choral theater and feminist spectacle. A choir rises up from a murky lake bottom: there’s finger-pointing, navel-gazing, rollerskating, and rattling the bars of the cage. A show exploring the extent to which trauma constitutes personhood, Going Down Mount Moriah will tell you jokes, terrify you and sing you to sleep, not necessarily in that order."



honey and the sting

Directed by Sam Long

mel hsu and company

i was a phoenix (2015)


The Rock and the redemption

"The Rock and the Redemption is a suite composed by
Noah Baerman as a reinterpretation of the myth of Sisyphus,
as performed by the Noah Baerman Resonance Ensemble."

"Funny bunny" premiere at SXSW Film

Directed by Alison Bagnall
March 2015

"A latchkey trust-funder and a hapless anti-childhood-obesity
crusader bond as they vie for the heart of a troubled animal activist." 

"Songs of Migration and Hope"

La Cantina at the Yakima Valley Museum (Yakima, WA)
March 2015

King at bay

The eternal soul child of Jess Best and Mel Hsu


Take these words, the years inside your skin remind you.
Paint these walls, for they have seen you live.