what can i do to help
make this album reach my ears?

while i have been able to cover all costs up until this point, i am aiming to raise an additional $7,000 to cover the costs of mixing, mastering, artwork and album release costs. if you are interested in pre-ordering the album and helping me front the costs with a donation, please consider one of the options below! [to keep this financial request accessible, i am not asking for any specific amounts: please contribute what you wish!]

Venmo: @MelanieHsu

PayPal: MelanieLHsu@gmail.com
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pre-order: a prayer for broken glass

How did we get here?

a few years ago, as we were recording i was a phoenix, my dear friend josh challenged me to make an album where i played all the instruments by myself. i am humbled to arrive into a challenge that three years ago seemed like the farthest of reaches. this past august, my musical partner-in-crime, jared paul, and i spent two weeks living inside a sonic womb of wild experimentation and unknowns. the result is an epic journey of impossible worlds. 

what it has been to try to make a solo record, only to viscerally realize the ways in which my music is inherently a collaboration with my closest friends. i've come to hear percussion the way zaneta and eric do, the way i sing and take risks embodies the radiant spirits of claire, jess and mari. the way i think about piano voicings stems directly from that one piano lesson i took from gabe six years ago. i feel like this album truly honors the growing that jared and i have done, as individuals and as collaborators, for almost a decade. even when trying to make a solo record, my friends are so deeply intertwined in my music, my process and my voice. 

a humongous thank you for making this music possible.
i am unbelievably excited to share this significant moment of arrival with you. 

with deepest love,